Anthea had suffered some very bad injuries to her left hand and had fractured five of her neck vertebrae. However, the fractures were clean and lined up in the right (i.e. vertical) plane and her brain and internal organs appeared to be clear of damage. 

She was taken immediately into intensive care and sedated so that she would not move. 

On Monday afternoon, Anthea went into the operating theatre for 7 hours where a surgeon operated on her left hand (she is right-handed).  Her index finger had to be removed but otherwise the team felt the operation had gone as well as it could have done. 

Meanwhile, they also attached a “surgical halo” which is fixed to the skull. This stabilises the head, back and neck. They would not have done this if there had been any signs of brain damage. There are no plans to operate on her neck. 

Since then they have gradually been lowering the level of sedation.  It is important that they do this at the right pace and the right time.  They are not currently sure when they want to bring her back to consciousness.  Until she is conscious they will not know the extent of the physical or mental damage. 

However, there have been some positive signs as they have been lowering the sedation levels.  Anthea has moved her arms and legs while unconscious and has shown signs of semi-conscious responsiveness.  The medical staff say she is stable and they are cautiously optimistic.