All the family are staying near High Wycombe with Naomi, Ali and Annabelle.  Obviously, it’s been a huge shock and very traumatic.  However, it’s great that they’re able to be together and support one another. 

They have spent most days at the John Radcliffe Hospital, and have been deeply moved by the prayers of so many and messages of support.  Please keep praying in response to the news, for Anthea’s recovery and for the family. 

If you would like to send messages, you can post them on the blog, send them through Mike’s office (Wethered House, 11 The Avenue, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3HG; or direct to Naomi’s house (33 Copes Shroves, Hazlemere, Bucks, HP15 7AG).  Please do not phone either addresses for updates unless absolutely necessary.  The office has a great amount to deal with and the house is a haven for the whole family.  Please do not call the hospital either or send flowers there at this time.  Only close family are able to see Anthea at this time.

Until Anthea’s situation becomes clearer, each member of the family does not know when they’ll be back in their various homes and at work.