On Sunday 1st October, Bishop Mike and Anthea went to St Paul’s Slough where Mike was preaching at their centenary celebrations. They had lived there in the early 1980s when Mike served his second curacy at St Pauls. 

They drove home after lunch but, at 3.15pm, between junction 14 (Hungerford) and 15 (Swindon East) on the M4, the accident occurred.  The car seems to have come off the carriageway, hit a tree and was flung back across the motorway. Thankfully, no other cars were collided into. 

The car landed upside and emergency services were rapidly on the scene thanks in part to the fact that two off-duty policemen had been driving behind.  Mike was able to get out of the car but Anthea was trapped.  The fire brigade cut her out of the car.  Anthea was taken by air ambulance to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.  Mike was taken to the Great Western Hospital in Swindon.  He suffered a broken shoulder blade (scapula) and other minor injuries but was discharged later in the day.  He then travelled to Oxford where the rest of the family were gathering. Mike and Anthea’s children are: Naomi who is married to Alistair with their 8 month year old, Annabelle; Charis; Nick; Alexa; and Lella.