On Wednesday, Anthea had some further surgery on her left wrist which had been damaged by her watch.  This was plastic surgery and again went well.

She is continuing to show signs of responsiveness and the ability to hear people around her.  Words like “Annabelle” (her grand-daughter) and “Mike” particularly cause her to respond.  This is obviously encouraging but also might be distressing for her as she cannot communicate in response.  One slightly bit of concerning news is that she did not respond to a request for her to move her limbs.  However, she has moved them already and she is sedated so we shouldn’t draw any conclusions from that.

Over the next days the medical team are going to test how she reacts to lower levels of sedation.  This is a sensitive process and prayers for their discernment would be most valued.  There might not be any major news to report for the next few days.