On Friday morning,  the tracheotomy was performed successfully so that Anthea would be able to breathe.  She is now breathing on her own.

Following that procedure, the team removed the levels of sedation. Anthea coped with this adjustment well.

Although she is now effectively able to be conscious, she is still on high levels of morphine because of the operation to her hand.  However, she has continued to respond emotionally and been able to hear.  She has cried, and she has laughed.  She has also wiggled the toes on her left foot following a request to do so. 

Over night she moved her legs and has also been mouthing words (the tracheotomy means she can’t currently speak).  However, she did vomit a few times also over night.  This isn’t overly worrying in itself, but, as she is lying down, is something to be careful of.

It has been amazing and moving for the family to be able to engage with her as she gains consciousness and awareness.  The family and all of us are thanking God for these small signs of progress and pray that they continue.