It’s now been a week since we started to find out about Mike and Anthea’s accident and love, prayers and hope started to be sent up for the Hills, and particularly for Anthea. 

Given the severity of Anthea’s injuries, the news coming through each day has been really encouraging.  The family have been building strength from the positive signs and, now that Anthea’s conscious, their strength has been spurring her on.

Yesterday, Anthea continued to go on well without ventilation support.  She is able to interact and join in with conversations through expressions and mouthed words.  Laughter and smiles and signs of her character have been a common feature.  However, there have been times of disorientation that have been distressing for her.

The family has been awesome.  Seeing them a couple of times over the weekend, their unity and love for one another was so evident.  Nurses have commented on how amazing they’ve been and the way others have noticed it.  Johnny, Nick and Adam, the boyfriends of Charis, Alexa and Lella, have been incredible in supporting the girls and the family. 

And your support has been unbelievable: this blog has had well over 10,000 views in the past four days and is one of the most popular on WordPress!  Yesterday, churches all over the country (in fact the world) were praying.  The Hills have been so grateful for – and are so humbled by – this.

If you haven’t watched Mike’s message yet, see below.