Today Anthea finally had her tracheotomy removed. This has enabled her to speak properly for the first time since the accident. For most of the day she has been chatting away with Mike and children. She appears to be in good health and her spirit is strong. Like Mike, she has expressed confidence in God for the future. The family continue to feel upheld by your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for Anthea’s full recovery.

This afternoon she was actually allowed to leave her bed and sit in a chair. Though she’s only able to tolerate this for about half an hour, it was a great step forward. One particular prayer is concern for one of her repaired fingers. The hand surgeons looked at it and wondered whether they might have to remove a small section of one of her other fingers. They will be looking at her hand tomorrow to make a decision about this.

Today Mike gave an interview to both the Bristol Evening Post and ITV West. This involved some shots of the family. Their prayer was that this piece would be a witness to the power of God for the viewing public.