Now Anthea is out of intensive care, she is moving into a new phase of recovery and the family also are starting to think of it as a new, longer phase.  It seems likely that the visible signs of progress will be less frequent and that this is the beginning of what the doctors call the “long haul”. 

The children are therefore beginning to think about when it will be right to go back to their homes and workplaces.  The timing of that will require discernment for their emotional well being.

Anthea had a good night’s rest and hopefully she will continue to acclimatise to her new setting.  It is still not appropriate for her to see visitors outside of her immediate family. 

Mike remains positive, thankful for all the good signs and the progress Anthea’s made and feels sustained by God’s strength.

Anthea, Mike and the family are really encouraged by the ongoing messages of support and prayers of friends and those who have heard about what has happened.