It transpires that yesterday’s posting wasn’t quite the full story.  When we got to the hospital at about 11am we discovered that Anthea had, had an awful night and was quite distressed.  This was partly because she couldn’t work the alarm to call the nurse and partly because she was experiencing quite a lot of pain. We were able to get her some pain relief and she sat out of bed for a short time. 

During the afternoon she perked up significantly and was a lot better when we left her last night.  Unfortunately the speech and language therapist was unavailable to assess the quality of Anthea’s swallow which means that she will continue to have to be fed by a tube until early next week.

The hand surgeon came to see her and looked at her badly damaged hand.  On Monday she will return to theatre to have another skin graft and very likely have to have a small portion of one of her other fingers removed.  Anthea received this news with great courage, but please pray about this in particular. The family are well and tonight Lella will return to college in Brighton.  They are re-adjusting to the fact that having made huge progress in a week, they are now back to slow progress and the reality that Anthea’s recovery is likely to be good, but painstakingly slow.  Please pray for patience for all the family but especially for Anthea.