Anthea has had a couple of good nights since Monday’s operation.  The hand surgeon came to see her yesterday.  He said he was pleased with the surgery when they removed the tip of her middle finger.  She will probably go back into theatre on Friday and Saturday for more cleaning.

The speech therapist also spent some time with Anthea and assessed her ability to swallow.  She can do this, but because they do not currently want to raise her above 60 degrees, the feeding tube will remain in for the time being (she might choke otherwise).

Anthea has spent some time out of bed, in her chair, and the physio will continue to move her on with movement and walking etc.

The family are doing well. Charis came up for the evening last night and will be back next week as it will be half-term.  They continue to feel well-supported and thankful for the developments, messages of support and prayers.