Not much to report from over the weekend as you might expect.  Everyone is hoping for some news over the next couple of days, however.

The hand team should be visiting Anthea today to check progress on Friday’s operation which we hope will be the last on her hand.  Hand physio should also begin soon.

The speech therapist should also be coming today to reassess her ability to swallow.  The family are also trying to fix up an appointment with the spinal team over the next couple of days to find out what sort of plan there is for Anthea’s recovery.  They’ve been understandably reticent up till now but the family hopes they might get a better idea now.

Mike is fine.  His shoulder blade appears to be healing very well – without any physio, feels there is total movement which obviously makes life that bit easier.  He is going to the fracture clinic today in High Wycombe so he’s expectant that the medical opinion will be positive too.