Thank God for answered prayer.  Yesterday was a better day all round.  Anthea was visited by the hand surgeon who is taking her down to his specialist hand rehabilitation area today to take a look at her hand and to begin specialist hand physio.  Yesterday she was out of bed twice for over an hour.  Anthea was in better spirits yesterday as well, but prayer for her emotional rehabiltation is important.

They have started to wean her away from the feeding tube and yesterday she had some yoghurt and mashed potato (delicious!).  As soon as she readjusts to having solid food she will be able to have the food line removed.

Mike went to the Fracture Clinic at Wycombe Hospital and was told that the X Ray of his broken shoulder was excellent and that it was healing well.  He has some exercises to do and has been told to go back for an appointment in a month’s time.

The family are all well and coping amazingly well.  Although they have not as yet had a meeting with the spinal team which they are still hoping for in the next couple of days, suddenly there has been more talk of her being transferred to a Bristol hospital in the near future.  Watch this space…