Half-term is now over so Charis and Lella have returned to work and university respectively.  Alexa will be returning to work next week.  Please pray for them as they readjust and spend time away from their Mum who they love being able to support and look after.

Meanwhile, Anthea has made slow but noticeable progress.  Someone who had not seen her for a week said on Monday how clear the progress was in all ways.  Her hand is out of its dressing and she has held things with it.  She is now eating only through her mouth  with no tubes.  They’ve fitted a longer “jacket” to protect the breaks in the lumbar region of her back.

Mike is doing well. His shoulder blade continues to heal and he is now able to drive again (“got to get back on the horse”, as he says). He has been awestruck by Anthea’s perseverance and faith. He is also getting gradually better at cryptic crosswords and sudoku…

Still no news on whether there’s a plan to move Anthea.