This proves to have been an eventful week.  Anthea has made steady progress and has visited the re-hab gym on the unit on a couple of occasions!  Her walking is improving all the time and she is able to do her hand therapy several times a day, which is particularly important over the next ten days or so.  Yesterday was not such a good day as she felt very nauseous all day and was unable to eat or drink.  Consequently, she was put back on a drip yesterday evening. 

There has been more talk about the future and yesterday the spinal consultant saw Anthea.  He was clear that she did not need neuro-rehab and that it was really only physio-therapy that she would require.  She will still need to be under the care of a spinal consultant who would supervise the halo until its removal.  This may be sooner than  anticipated as the consultant was hopeful that it may be removed in four weeks.  This is  better than the three months minimum that was expected.  When removed it would be re-placed with something called a Miami Brace, which certainly looks a lot less invasive.

The consultant was keen that Anthea should be transferred to the care of Bristol doctors, largely on the basis that the Oxford team are familiar with their Bristol counterparts.  They are even starting to talk about discharging her from hospital at some stage in the near future.  The family have some anxiety about Anthea coming to the Bristol house because of its overall unsuitability for someone who will have limited mobility.  For those who don’t know the present house has four storeys.

The family are much encouraged by these developments.  Mike will remain with his eldest daughter, Naomi for the forseeable future in High Wycombe.  The rest of the family have returned to a level of normality.  Anthea does not feel ready, as yet, to deal with visitors.

The family would particularly appreciate prayer for making the right decisions about Anthea’s future care.