Anthea returned to the ward on the trauma unit at about 5.45pm.  She came through the operation well, though initially after her return to the ward she was in excessive pain.  By 7pm this pain was pretty well under control and she was chatting away with the family.  By the time the family left the hospital at 8.30pm she was feeling very sleepy.

At the time the family left, the doctors had not done their evening ward round and consequently they were not able to discover what had been done and how successful the operation had been.  However, the early signs are promising and Anthea was able to move her legs freely. 

Please pray that she will be free of infection in these early post-operative days and that this operation will not seriously impede the excellent progress that she was making.

The family were at the hospital for most of the day and although they are tired they are in good heart.  Some of them will be returning to their jobs/college tomorrow.

More information will be posted tomorrow when details of the operation are made available by the surgical team.