The news has just broken that after a re-appraisal of Anthea’s situation, it has been decided that she no longer requires hospitalisation and will be sent home to Bristol, either today or tomorrow.  A decision about this will be taken after lunch today.

This is obviously a massive encouragement to the family who are now in the process of making the necessary back-up arrangements for Anthea’s care at home.  It seems amazing that seven weeks and two days after the horrific crash she will be returning home.  Another visitor at the hospital who suffered serious injuries in a car crash some years ago was telling Mike and Anthea that he was in hospital for nine months!  Even after a little over seven weeks, Mike and Anthea look forward to this massive leap towards a more normal life.  Please pray for them as they return home – Anthea will be driven home in Mike’s car – and for the necessary back-up and after care.

It is important to understand that though Anthea is returning home she will not be ready to receive visitors until she feels confident enough to do so.  The family would be really grateful if you would honour this request.  Mike has frequently stated that ‘words cannot adequately express the depth of gratitude that myself and my whole family feel to the thousands of people who have prayed, written and supported us through this really difficult time.’ 

The general feeling is that Anthea will certainly not be ready to receive visitors until she has had the halo removed, which hopefully will be some time just before Christmas.  Any further news about visitors will be communicated through the blog.