Anthea and Mike ar now settling into life back at home after over seven weeks away in Oxford. The move has gone very well and Anthea is now eating normally and hopefully starting to put back some of the weight she lost whilst being in hospital.

Her mobility continues to improve and she is dealing well with the stairs at Wethered House. Yesterday she actually came downstairs and managed to make a cup of tea!

Mike and Anthea had a good appointment with the spinal orthopaedic consultant at Frenchay hospital last Thursday morning. Her spine was X rayed and the Consultant was very happy with what he saw. They were very encouraged to hear that there is a possibility that the ‘halo’ might be removed on December 18th in time for Christmas. Another piece of encouragement was that the halo would be replaced by a soft collar rather than the somewhat stiff Miami brace they thought would be fitted following the removal of the ‘halo’.

Travelling in the car has not proved to be a major problem for Anthea in terms of either comfort or her emotions. This means that she can be taken out occasionally.

The family continue to be extremely grateful for the prayers and practical offers of help from so many people. Progress continues…….please keep praying!