As Anthea continues to improve and her progress now is very much in the hands of the physios, we have taken the decision to reshape the blog as an opportunity for me to offer some thoughts on a variety of subjects. The blog will give you, as in the past, the chance to respond and comment and try and explore some important (and some less than important) issues.

Thank you to all who have already logged on to the site (almost 100,000 hits) and have left messages or have simply gone away and offered us your thoughts and prayers. This has made a massive difference to us as we have battled our way through the past 13 weeks or so. Never underestimate the power of love and the strength that can be gleaned from faith in God.

We had a great Christmas as a family and look forward to the year ahead. Perhaps I might take this opportunity to hope and pray that 2007 will bring you joy, peace and blessing.