The end of another week and there are one or two bits to share.

Because of the horrendous trauma that a high speed road accident puts you through, it was suggested that Anthea should see someone skilled at trauma counselling.  An appointment was fixed and she duly spent over an hour last Friday with a counsellor who has such skills.  I was invited in for the last ten minutes or so.  The conclusion was that she doesn’t need any counselling help as all her emotional dials are heading in the right direction.  We greeted this with a real sense of gratitude.

I am constantly amazed and have been all through my ministry at the sheer resilience of the human spirit and particularly when this is fanned into a flame through the strength of God and the love of other people.  I believe that all three have helped Anthea, who, in my somewhat limited experience is slightly unusual in that unlike most of the Intensive care patients I have met can clearly remember the accident.

Her hand continues to be treated and I can see that she is using it more and more.  There is still some concern about the lack of strength and movement in both her arms and it was suggested this past week that we should see a shoulder surgeon to see if we can find out what is or isn’t happening.  Her ‘halo’ was replaced before Christmas with a stiff collar and we are hopeful that in ten days or so this will come off and she will be able to receive further physio to strengthen her arms.

Anthea is wanting to do more and has been to church for the last two weeks – some folks say you have to be feeling well to do that! – and she has even been down to the local shops.  Progress indeed!

The rest of us are fine and I am now back at work.  The only exception is my youngest daughter, Lella who is still seeking to come to terms with all that has happened ans is at home at present having been instructed by the local GP to take some time out from university