This afternoon Anthea and I went to see the Consultant responsible for the ongoing management of her neck injury.  Regular visitors to the blog will know that she had the ‘halo’ contraption removed in December and it was replaced with a stiff collar.  After close scrutiny of an X ray taken today she now has the collar off and for the first time for a very long time is supporting the weight of her neck on her own, and more importantly she looks and feels more like normal.  We have been given the all clear to take a short holiday in Spain in February, which is great!

There was a little anxiety about the increased intensity of pins and needles in her right (undamaged) hand and so the Consultant has asked that she have an MRI scan just to be sure that there is nothing untoward causing this.  She will also have some tests which will reveal the extent of any nerve damage caused by the velocity of the intital impact. 

All in all, however, today feels like a step forward.  There is even some talk of her being able to resume swimming in the near future.  I thought that those of you who are concerned would appreciate the latest news.  Thank you for your ongoing prayers and your concern.