It’s always struck me that new church projects involving “seed money” are always sold a bit short by the Church’s overall culture.  Having spent time “in business” before I was ordained, I am struck by two things:
(a) Those who leave the world of business for church leadership are either so glad to be out of it that they ditch their previous expertise.
(b) The Church is at best ambivalent about entrepreneurial leaders and at worst positively hostile to them.

What does all this mean? It means that we have very little evidence that we can translate “seeded” projects into stand-alone funded projects.

All my life I have seen promising projects which began with seed money fold through lack of cash. Let me tell you briefly about one that has prevailed.

I’ve just come back from Spain where the local Anglican church has to fund itself. Some years ago, it purchased a charity shop that brings in £30,000 per annum.

Given most charities do the charity shop thing, why don’t local churches do this? Is it the culture?