Mike Hill was born in Manchester in 1949 to entrepreneurial parents – his father’s background was American and his mother’s was German/Jewish.  Mike has one sister, Amanda.

Football mad and a massive fan of Manchester United from his childhood, he attended Wilmslow County Grammar School.  But Christian faith played no part in his youth: he had never attended church until the age of 18 when a friend took him to a Christian house party and decided to follow Christ.  The local vicar was very surprised to see him when he turned up one Sunday saying he had become a Christian.

Mike gained a Diploma in Business Studies at North West Cheshire College of Further Education and went on to work as a junior executive in the printing industry.  But following increasing promptings, he reluctantly went to Scargill Community for a year in the early 1970s following to test his call to ordained ministry in the Church of England.  There he met Anthea, a nurse who had been living in Africa, who he married in 1973.  He trained for ordination at Ridley Hall and Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge from 1974.

In Cambridge, Mike and Anthea had their first child, Naomi, and over the next ten years, Charis, Nick, Alexa and Lella were born.

Mike first clergy job was as a curate in Addiscombe, Croydon.  From there he went to Slough where he led a church on the Upton Lea estate that grew from single figures to over 100 in three years.  In 1982, he took the family to St Leonards, Chesham Bois (Amersham, Bucks) where again the church grew to significantly under his leadership, this time to several hundred.  During this time, he became inspired and influenced by the Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago and was the first President of the Willow Creek Association (UK).  He also was Rural Dean of Amersham from 1989.

In 1992, Mike became Archdeacon of Berkshire and the family moved to Newbury.  Subsequently, he was appointed Bishop of Buckingham in 1998. Anthea was again working in nursing, as a palliative care nurse.

Mike became the 55th Bishop of Bristol in 2003.  In the three years since his consecration, he has committed himself to leading the Diocese into growth.  His leadership has increased people’s expectation of what God can do through the church in the Diocese of Bristol.  He is driven by a desire to “see heaven populated” and to help create the kinds of churches where the sort of people he used to hang out with might have a chance of finding Christ. 

Mike is an inpirational speaker and has a significant teaching ministry in the UK and further afield.  He has particular interests and expertise in leadership and, amongst other things, serves on the boards of businesses, as a governor of schools and on national church bodies.

Mike and Anthea now have a grand-daughter, Annabelle, daughter to Naomi and her husband, Ali.  Mike continues to follow all manner of sport, to play guitar, listen to music and read widely.  He is devoted to their dog, Bella, who he and Anthea take for long walks down in Somerset where they have a cottage.  Mike and Anthea continue to impact many people’s lives through their commitment to others and their commitment to Christ.


43 Responses to “Bishop Mike’s story”

  1. Pauline Pearce Says:

    My prayers, and those of my husband, friends in our prayer triplet are with you. You are both so precious to God and He will be with you every step of your recovery. I’m sure many people will come to know Jesus through the witness of both of you at this difficult time. God bless you.

  2. Sarah Boyce Says:

    Dear Bishop Mike, Anthea and family

    I just wanted to express my sincere thoughts and best wishes and love to you all. I read the reports of the accident with tears in my eyes, but am praying for you all, especially Anthea, that she may return to good health with God’s help. Thank God already that you are there to help her Bishop Mike and that you were not hurt more severely.

    God Bless xx

  3. Daph & Brian Says:

    Love and continuing prayers from us all at Shaw. Rooting for you Annie!

  4. Dear Bishop Mike. Our name will be familiar to you as we are the parents of Gary who succeeded you at St Leonards and who died three years ago.

    We know something of what you have been going through because Gary’s sister, Jacqueline (Jacky) had a car accident in 1982. She was in a coma for 50 days due to serious head injuries. During that time we were sustained by the prayers of so many friends. When Jacky ‘woke up’ on the 50th day, we gave thanks that all her faculties were intact – apart from damaged eyesight. She was a nurse in training at the time, but because of the eyesight deficiency was not able to continue. So she went to College and graduated with a BA Hons as a teacher. Subsequently she married and has three lovely daughters. So there was ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ for us, and we hope it may be the same for you and Anthea. It is very slow progress, but the end result is tremendous for which we give thanks to God.

  5. Chris Stott Says:

    Dear Mike
    Just to assure you that the churches in Harwell and Chilton are praying for you and your family at this critical time.
    You are much in our thoughts and prayer
    May the Lord be gracious to you all
    In Christ
    Chris Stott

  6. Susan & Dennis Netcott Says:

    We are thinking and praying for you, especially today at Christchurch Community Centre – we really missed you!

    May God continue to strenghten & sustain you both.

    God Bless

    Susan & Dennis Netcott

  7. Chris and Hilary Gee Says:

    We worship (still) in Mike and Anthea’s first Church as Curate: St Mary Magdalene Addiscome. We would like you to know that the Church here is praying for you both and especially for a speedy recovery and healing.
    I remember their time with us with great affection (especially leading the open Youth Club with Mije, various house parties etc). It is wonderful to see how God has blessed their ministry. May this long be the case!
    Get well soon and God Bless

  8. Chris Whitehead Says:

    We pray for and wish for the speedy recovery of Anthea and Mike.

    All Saints Church, Fishponds, Bristol.

  9. Please be assured of our continuing prayers for Anthea, Mike and the family, both in the parishes of the Churn Benefice and the Wallingford Deanery as a whole. We all have fond memories of Bishop Mike’s time as our Archdeacon and earnestly pray for Anthea’s complete recovery and for grace and strength for all the family during this anxious time.

  10. Anne Hodge Says:

    Thinking of you and praying for you both so much. Love Anee and family

  11. John Pike and Stephanie Franz Says:

    We were devastated to hear this tragic news at Cotham Parish Church yesterday. With our love and prayers for you all at this time. John, Steffie and Hannah xxx

  12. Kenneth and Jessica Smith Says:

    We give thanks for the blessings already received and send our prayers and best wishes for the continuing recovery of you both.
    2 Corinthians 12: 9

  13. wchaney Says:

    Bishop Mike
    Michelle and I are praying for you and your wife. Be encouraged to know that believers from around the world are joining in the prayer for healing and restoration.
    Pastor William and Michelle Chaney

  14. Stephen J Thomas Says:

    Bishop Mike,

    We have regular updates at our services, and an email system for Prayer support. We at St Peter’s Bishopworth are praying for Andrea, you and your family. Your special site was recorded and replayed
    at Church through our Screen for all to see & hear.
    You are very much in our prayers.
    Please come again soon.

  15. Peter Toms Says:

    Dear Mike,

    Your work and reputation is so widespread that I heard of your accident through our vicar here in the Dales. It was a great shock, particularly to hear the dreadful injuries sustained by Anthea. Quoting Leslie Weatherhead, “In every pain,there is a message”. I see a message in the unity of support and love which you have both received from Christians and those who are not alike. There is a strong message about the influence of your ministry on the church. That ministry could only have been achieved with support of Anthea.

    Of course, you are both in my prayers. I know you are in the prayers of the people we both knew in Wexham. May our God, in his tender love, support you and Anthea in your time of need.

    Shalom, Peter

  16. Greg Downes & Dan Ritchie Says:

    Dear Bishop Mike,
    Just to let you know we are praying for you guys and hoping that each day things are getting better.

    You are so vital to Bristol and we want you to know how much all your good work is appreciated – I know my dad thinks you are a star and one of the main reasons he has stayed in the diocese.

    All the best
    Dan & Greg

  17. Russell Chalmers Says:

    Mike, I just wanted to let you know that since the accident Anthea and you have been on our prayer list at Reading Central Salvation Army. God sends many people across our paths some of whom, like you, have a significant impact on us. May you, Anthea and the family experience an outpuring of God’s Grace at this time.

    God bless


  18. John & Sue luya Says:

    Sue & I are constantly watching the news about you and Anthea. We pray that you will both be restored to full health and will be able o continue in the very valuable ministry of bringing people to know Jesus. May the Lord continue in his wonderful healing of you both.
    God Bless.
    John & Sue Luya
    St James, Gerrards Cross

  19. Sara Packham Says:

    Bishop Mike and Anthea
    Since Laurence’s confirmation last November in Malmesbury Abbey you are now ‘our’ Bishop Mike and so we follow the news of your progress avidly – especially Anthea. Be strengthened by the prayer, love and goodwill for your family that comes from such a wide area.
    God bless
    Sara & Laurence

  20. Thinking of you Anthea,
    He is a Healing God.
    All my Love
    Audrey ++

  21. David and Clare MacInnes Says:

    Just worked out how to send a blog! The interview on the back page of the Church Times is such a tonic! Your “story” is having such a positive impact! Like many others we have been praying and trusting that God would see you through all this. Huge hugs from us both, David and Clare MacInnes

  22. Mark Vickery Says:

    Dear Mike, Anthea and family.
    So very sorry to hear about your recent accident. The thoughts of the whole Vickery / Wills family (and recent additions to the tribe) are with you at this difficult time. Wishing you both a speedy recovery. Best wishes, Mark Vickery

  23. Cherie Franklin Says:

    Hi Mike,

    I have been keeping a breast of your situation and feeling I wanted to know more I read about your story. I was brought up in Addiscombe and was part of “Our Ladies” set up as a teenager. After a few years and an interesting journey I am now in Bristol.
    I really hope Andrea make a good recovery from her surgery and very best wishes to you both.

  24. Allen Walker (Area Dean) Says:

    Mike, Anthea & All the Family,
    We continue to pray for you all on a daily basis here in the Burnham & Slough Deanery. Its so heartening to hear that you are all strong in spirit and that you Andrea have come through the operation well. We wish you a speedy recovery and a time soon when you will be back home among your family and friends.
    Our love and our prayers to you all

  25. David Jewell Says:

    Wonderful news to hear Anthea is home. We at St Mary’s Slough have prayed for her daily since the news of the accident came to us from St Paul’s.

  26. John and Pauline Hedley Says:

    Pauline and I thank God that you have been able to return home and pray for continued healing as the days go by. The saints in Fulmer will echo our prayer this morning. God Bless.

  27. Max Wigley Says:

    Just read of the progress of Anthea. Great news. You have both been daily in my prayers since the accident and will continue to be as Anthea progresses. I will remember too your daughters trauma. Best wishes

    Max Wigley

  28. happy new yaer form robin and graham

  29. Gordon Hill Says:

    I have been reading the Hill family tree sent to me by my cousin in Bridgewater, Somerset. It makes interesting reading. I notice many of the Hills ventured to the USA and others remained strongly connected to the Somerset region (e.g., Sir Roger Hill who owned Poundisford Park). It would be nbice to know if there is a family connection with Mike Hill.

    My father left North Petherton in 1929 to establish a future in Australia. I have many cousins in the UK and manage to maintain contact with one on a regular basis. I would like to broaden the family tree and add Mike to it. Is that just possible?

    1. Robert A HILL Says:

      Gordon Hill….I was researching my Family…decendant of William,Roger, William,John,John,(America 1633) and noticed your posting. Thought I’d say hello. Planning to visit Taunton area someday and continue research. Cousin Bob

  30. Revd Brian Hankins Says:

    Hi Mike! I hope you and your wife are continuing to recover after your ordeal – I was really grateful that you spoke on behalf of TLM at Bishopsworth on 12th May – sorry that it didn’t get more after-publicity, but I went to the office of the Bristol Post (or whatever it’s called!) and they didn’t put it in – however, there was some good publicity for TLM on BBC Radio Bristol….many thanks again for coming.
    I have another big weekend coming up and will be grateful for your prayers. For the last 2 1/2 years I have been the Moderator at Tiverton Baptist Church and now they have settled with a new Minister (praise God!) – this happily co-incides with the 400th Anniversary of the Church – so we have a Flower Festival today and tomorrow (10 – 5) then a tea at 5pm on Saturday (all welcome!) and a Celebration Service at 7pm – 8.30 or 8.45pm tomorrow (Saturday). The preacher for the w/e is Revd David Coffey, who is now the President of the Baptist World Alliance (Sun 11 and 6.30).

  31. Revd Brian Hankins Says:

    …if you would like a genlte toddle down the motorway to Tiverton you will be very welcome – let me know if you are coming and I will give full directions…David Coffey and his wife are staying at the Tivertin Hotel (Great Western) on the Saturday night, so if you wanted a natter with David you could perhaps meet them for breakfast on the Sunday morning (just a thought!) – if you wish you can come “incognito” or be greeted – whatever…we have invited the Bishop of Crediton as he lives in Tiverton, but I’m not sure whether or not he is coming – other Anglican clergy fromTiverton will, of course, be there. Come if you can!

  32. Philip Dazeley Says:

    Hello Bishop Mike,
    We have met on 2 occasions at the Gorsley Baptist Church leaders day.
    I would like to speak with you or exchange emails with regard to a Rotary Service next March in Torquay at which we would like you to preach. Could you get back to me please
    Philip Dazeley

  33. david bailey Says:

    Hi Anthea and Mike, Have only recently heard about Anthea and hope her recovery is still progressing well.I have fond memories of you both from Scargill days and wanted to wish you both a Happy and Healthy New Year!. With love .David

  34. Mike,
    Many thanks for blessing all of us from Holy Comforter, Sumter with your teaching “on Jonah” at Kanuga this weekend. God’s blessings on you, your family and diocese. We hope we’ll see you again.
    In Christ’s love,
    Jamie, Lynn(bass) & Matthew(fiddle) Eldridge

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  39. Barbara Bolder Says:

    Hi Mike have been thinking about you and Anthea lately, It was always so nice to see you in the Diocesan office in Oxford. I am still sat on reception
    I do hope that Anthea has fully recovered and you are loving being grandparents. I always have.

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